Our company is located in Huesca, a province in the north-east of Spain, with varying landscape and climate, covering a territory of 15,600 km2. Enormous waterfalls can be found in this limited space of land in the Pyrenees, which form a natural frontier with France. It is also a one hour car drive away from the Los Monegros desert, where the wildlife survives thanks to the water channelled from the magnificent Pyrenean mountains.


ALFALFA MONEGROS has been accumulating exemplary experience in the cultivation of alfalfa, as well as the management and transformation of its products for more than thirty years.

Hundreds of farmers and customers place their trust in us. Our firm farms more than 4,000 hectares. This figures prove a continuously rising business prestige. But, above all, they confirm our most solid criterion: guaranteeing our customers security and service.


Today, ALFALFA MONEGROS continues its expansion process because it offers customers personalised solutions. We speak the same language and we work in the same fields. We know what their expectations are and, consequently, what the ideal solutions are. We are aware of the product reliability.

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